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Who is Ahmed Bedair?

An entrepreneur, tech expert, and innovative problem solver with over 19 years of experience in various fields, Ahmed Bedair is the go-to professional for anything your small business needs. He will help you digitize your small or medium business to make you grow in the digital age. He’s currently based in the Westland, MI.


With skills ranging from IT and project management to sales and marketing, Ahmed will help you identify the best strategy to run your business, identify and solve your problems, use the best tools, and open your eyes to new ways of doing things that will help you meet your goals and improve business efficiency.

Ahmed Bedair

A business innovator

Ahmed Bedair is a passionate businessman who founded two companies, Cloud Converters, 2020 based in Michigan, USA and Canadian Information Technology Solutions (Canadian ITS), 2006, based in Quebec, Canada. Canadian ITS later made a partnership with Saudi-based Bayant Sudair, that Ahmed managed.

Ahmed Bedair founded Cloud Converters with the purpose of: 

Helping small businesses use technology to grow, by providing them with the right tools that fit their budgets and needs.
Providing digital marketing and cloud computing services.
Creating a centralized digital platform to enable small and medium businesses to manage all of their digital marketing and cloud applications from one software, thereby revolutionizing and simplifying their operations.
Championing remote work by building a full team of remote staff including web designers, content creatives, salespeople, and graphic designers

He kickstarted his entrepreneurial career with Canadian ITS

Served over 200 clients with their IT requirements
Formed partnerships with top-tier IT vendors like VMware and Veaam, as well as strategic partnerships with Microsoft, EMC, and Nortel, to provide clients with top-class IT infrastructure services.
Build Complete IT and Telecom Infrastructure for international entities such as Emaar and Credit Swiss

A technical IT expert

A passionate techie, Ahmed’s IT skills include designing and implementing servers, storage, converged systems, and networking solutions. Additionally, he’s highly skilled at using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) solutions and hardware.

He’s proficient at:

HPE Servers
Storage Virtualization
Microsoft Exchange
HPE storage
Microsoft Infrastructure
Sonic Firewall
Server Virtualization
Website creation and management
Cisco Switch

Cloud computing professional

Not only that, he’s also a professional at implementing cloud computing applications and infrastructure for small businesses to streamline and digitize their workflow, creating an all-inclusive cloud workplace.

He can set up and customize the cloud workplace from scratch and manage it according to every small business’s personal and industry requirements.

His cloud computing expertise helps small and medium businesses:

Improve employee collaboration
Integrate all business tools and applications
Boost productivity and efficiency
Gain better control over data
Work remotely
Secure data and minimize risks

He can help small businesses implement prime cloud-based solutions such as:

Zoho Suite
Microsoft office 360
Microsoft Dynamics

Small and medium business expert and partner

Ahmed Bedair was an HPE top partner for small medium business for HCI Solutions for 2 years in a row. He has been working with small and medium businesses for over 19 years, and therefore deeply understands their mindset and needs.

Having been in the tech industry for so long, working with and owning small businesses, Ahmed Bedair is in a unique position to understand both:

  • What startups and small businesses need to succeed
  • How to grow in the digital age and the best technology to use

So he will help your small or medium firm utilize technology to drive growth while minding your budget and specific needs. 

Proficient with multiple industries

Ahmed has worked with clients from various industries like the public sector, construction, manufacturing, financial, educational, legal, healthcare, insurances and startups across Canada, the US, and Saudi Arabia. As a result, he developed a global perspective and an ability to work in diverse situations and provide services according to industry best practices. 

How Ahmed Bedair can help you

Because he founded and fully managed two companies, he has a lot of experience handling all areas of business whether it’s sales, marketing, or project management. So let him help you run your business successfully and strategically.


He will provide end-to-end solutions for startups and small and medium businesses, starting from identifying the right applications and tools to build a fully integrated cloud-based workplace, and a unified platform to manage all of their cloud and marketing applications.

IT Technical

He has vast experience with most technical IT aspects such as: 

-  Helping small and medium businesses transform their workload on the cloud or a hybrid module.

-  Finding systems bottlenecks and issues in regarding of workload issues on storage and storage.

- Designing servers and storage infrastructure, workload, virtualization, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Project Management

He can help you manage IT projects related to digital transformation, ERP, CRM, Helpdesk, document control site preparation, disaster recovery and services availability.


Build a sales plan and manage Sales Team (Training, Funnel, Pipeline, reports).

Chanel sales process and understand how sales process happens with regards to IT vendors, distributors and resellers, as well as deal registration and discounts levels.

Sizing pricing, understanding price impact factors such as the bill of quantities, support levels and solutions upsizing.

Purchase process for customers and how they evaluate and look at things from their own perspective.


Social media

Ahmed Bedair can help you use social media to meet your business objectives and increase your online visibility and sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
He’ll help you make your website rank higher and attract the right audience through link building, keyword research, and content creation. 


Bedair will show you how to use your website as a business asset to get leads, increase sales, and gain new customers. 

E-mail Marketing

He’ll help you create effective and attractive email campaigns, templates, and surveys, to maintain your current relationships with customers or form new ones. 

Ahmed Bedair provides free consultations for non-profit organizations

If you’re an NGO in Michigan or anywhere in the US, contact Ahmed to help you boost your organization.
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