How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Way We Do Business?

COVID-19 has changed the daily routines of countless people all over the world. Our ways of doing business may never go back to the way they were before the pandemic. Businesses of all sizes must evolve – whether or not they want to.

Some businesses are discovering that working from home is actually a great way of doing business, so much so that even after the threat of COVID-19 dissipates, they might not return to the office.

For a lot of large businesses, this may not be an issue. Some professions (such as the tech industry) might not notice much of a change. But it’s been an especially challenging adjustment for small and medium businesses that may not have the proper infrastructure for remote working. Here are some of the most significant ways that the coronavirus has altered business operations.

Virtual Customer Service
Communicating with customers or clients is so important for most industries. But now that businesses can no longer open their doors to consumers, it also means they need to find creative ways to stay in touch with their patrons. Businesses in the service industry have started providing virtual estimates for their clients via video chat. Real estate agents have become virtual tour guides for buyers.

Other organizations have simply needed to increase their options for virtual customer service. In many cases, people are no longer able to visit brick-and-mortar locations to ask questions or voice concerns. Improving telecommunicators has been key to keep customer relationships strong. More businesses have begun relying on chatbots and virtual call centers to keep in touch with consumers from a distance.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud solutions are also more important than ever during COVID-19. If you want to go from having all your employees working in one place to them being scatted all over with ease, you need to use Cloud-based technology. Cloud solutions are the most secure and most efficient way to get remote work done.

Team Communication
It’s not just communication with patrons that has changed. It’s also in-house communication. All those meetings you used to hate have gone online. Video chatting platforms like Zoom and Webex have skyrocketed in popularity because they make meetings with large groups so much easier.

But video calls aren’t necessary for every conversation you need to have with a co-worker or supervisor. Sometimes you may not want to hop onto Zoom if you have a simple question or concern. In these instances, using a platform like Slack is the most convenient way to keep everyone in the loop.

Get Expert Recommendations on Infrastructure for Remote Working
Does your business have what it takes to get through COVID-19? If you’re unsure, talk to Cloud Converters. We know how confusing getting all the correct tech for remote working can be especially if you’re not a techie. Don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on tools that won’t serve you well during the pandemic. Talk to our tech experts. We’ll set you on the right track so that you can meet your business goals!