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Stop losing your customers to competitors with this free digital marketing report.

Tired of wondering if your digital marketing is working? Not anymore. Now you can analyze your online performance next to your competitors in all key areas like social media, online ads, SEO, website, and business listings. Plus, learn how to improve in no time. All for FREE! 
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Is your online marketing strategy working? Find out now!

See if the money and effort you're investing in your digital marketing are paying off. Get everything you need to improve your online performance and stop wasting time on digital marketing strategies that aren't working.

Are you wondering why you're not getting enough customers? Or, are you tired of your marketing efforts going to waste? Then this FREE report is exactly what you need. It will give you the full picture of your online performance and show you what to improve.
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free digital marketing report
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Beat your competition 

This free report compares your digital marketing performance with your competitors and industry benchmarks across 7 key areas.
free digital marketing report shows your business listings

Business Listings

Your customers can only find your small business with accurate directory listings. Surprisingly, 86% of businesses have either missing or incorrect company name information listed across all listings sources (ChivLabs). 

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, we collect data from over 70 business directories to show your:

• Number of listings
• Accuracy of listings
• Missing sites

Social Media

You need to keep your followers engaged on social media to grow your audience and brand loyalty. Find out if your social media strategy is effective and analyze:

• The number of your likes  
• Average likes and shares per post 
• The number of your posts
• Twitter followers
this digital marketing report analyzses your social media


You need a fast, secure, and mobile-friendly site that delivers the information customers seek before making a purchase decision. The free report uses Google PageSpeed Insights to assess your website for: 

• Mobile responsiveness
• Content
• Load speed


As a small business, you rely on positive reviews for your reputation. You must constantly collect fresh reviews and strive for 4-5 star ratings to establish credibility. So, we collect data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:

• Number of reviews
• Recency of reviews
• Your average score
Analyze reviews

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get your business on top of search engine results by using popular keywords to target potential customers before your competitors do. See how your organic keywords are performing next to your competitors’ and compare:

• Keyword overlap
• Number of keywords
• Monthly clicks
• Monthly value of clicks

Digital Advertising

Discover golden opportunities to attract the right customers using the right keywords with online advertising. Accordingly, the report suggests keywords that will generate the most impressions and clicks for your ads. It also shows how your online ads are performing against competitors. It measures:

• Keyword overlap
• Monthly ad budget
• Number of paid keywords
• Monthly paid clicks

advertising report


Get insights on how your online store is performing, how well you’re engaging customers, and how your progress in key categories:

• Online storefront
• Lead Engagement
• Online payments

Stop wasting time and money on bad marketing now! 

Get everything you need to improve your online marketing strategy and increase your ROI with this free digital marketing report.  
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