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the best digital marketing services and solutions for a small business

Manage all of your digital marketing from one platform and grow your business in Michigan and beyond.

We're a Michigan based digital marketing company who want to help local businesses like you widen their reach with affordable digital marketing solutions. With a smart, simple platform, you will easily attract customers and grow your business from one dashboard.
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Drive growth with top-tier digital marketing solutions

Make digital marketing easier for your small business by doing it all from one platform. Get everything your business needs to succeed with an affordable, easy-to-use platform that will help you:
Engage your customers at every stage of the marketing funnel.
Get detailed automatic reporting on your digital performance, and actionable suggestions on how to improve it.
Compare your performance to competitors.
Manage your social media channels, online reputation, directory listings, and more.
Michigan marketing company offering digital marketing solutions that help you grow
digital marketing solutions that increase your ROI

View important metrics crucial to increasing ROI

Get insightful metrics on your business’s entire digital performance designed to improve growth. These metrics are based on the connections you’ve made and apps and services you may have active. Ultimately, you can view the performance of all of your digital activities from one platform.
Follow these metrics to drive revenue and growth for your business.

Engage your customers at every stage of the customer journey

See the steps your customers take to become advocates of your business, and engage them every step of the way. Get actionable tactics to reach people and drive acquisition at every stage until you increase your brand advocates. Thus, you’ll earn more revenue through loyal customers by delivering the right digital marketing solutions to the right audience. 

Boost your online presence and grow your small business

Your online presence is key to business growth. So enhance it through top-notch social media and website services and attract customers, generate leads, and increase your ROI, all without hassle!

Grow your fanbase on social media from one place

Build fans, find customers, and engage with the community on all your social media platforms, from one dashboard. 
View your upcoming posts, and add or remove as you please. See your top performing posts on social media and get in-depth analytics, all from one dashboard.
And if your company is based in Michigan, you can easily view your local audiences' activities and adjusting your marketing strategy to attract them. 
Michigan marketing company

Create posts

Compose posts and share them simultaneously on your multiple social media accounts with a single click.

Monitor your current posts

See all the recent posts you added to your social media accounts, how they’re performing, and whether or not to delete them.

Schedule posts

Create stunning posts and schedule them to be automatically published on your social media accounts so you’re always active and engaging your customers. You can always edit your scheduled posts before they’re published to make them the best they can be.

One calendar for all your posts

View both your recently posted and upcoming posts from one calendar. Plan your posts accordingly and see whether you’re posting consistently or not.

Get Valuable insights

See how your social media audience are interacting with your business, and get a detailed view of how your posts are performing on different social media channels.
It doesn’t stop there. Want to make the most of social media? Get even more in-depth social media services now.
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Get a website that grows your business

Stand out with an attractive, responsive, and mobile friendly website that makes your brand irresistible to both customers and search engines. Your website speaks for you and acts as a round-the-clock sales representative. With our website services, you’ll get a website that makes potential customers able to reach you easier and faster – and they’ll stay on your page longer.

Web hosting

Set up your website on Wordpress and improve your online presence with our web hosting solutions. Get everything you need to get your website up and running easily, reliably, and safely.

Large storage, domain registration, SSL certificates, and plugins; get them all with cost-effective website hosting solutions.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Increase qualified traffic to your website and watch your sales grow. Our SEO services help you target the people most likely to convert on your site and eventually make a purchase.

You’ll get on-page and off-page SEO with things like keyword research, link building, and more. This way, your company can appear in local search results in Michigan, and your marketing efforts will be fruitful. 

Domain Registration

Let the world find you and get a domain name to bring your website to life. Choose from a variety of popular domain names that best represent your company and fit your budget.

Content creation

Get SEO-optimized webpages and blogs with pictures for your new or current website. Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates about 3x as many leads (Neil Patel)? 

We'll help you create content that increases your leads, cuts your costs, and establishes you as an industry expert.  

Directory Listings

Let your local customers find you in your area online, offline, and on mobile with up-to-date directory listing services. Add your business information to top directory databases like Google My Business, Acxiom, Neustar and more. Constantly update your business information as needed, and solve any errors.

There’s more! Make your website a business asset and get the tools you need to make your website shine.

Drive growth with top-tier digital marketing solutions

While the digital world can expand your audience, the challenge lies in attracting the right customers in a world that knows no limits. You can only do so with an effective digital marketing strategy. Luckily, you can do that and more with digital marketing services designed especially for your small business.

Reach a wider audience 

Increase visibility on search engines and social media using the right digital marketing strategy.
Reach potential customers at every stage of their customer journey by creating the right content and using the right digital marketing channels.

Create buzz-worthy content

Engage with your clients and have them share, inquire, and talk about you and watch your brand awareness skyrocket.
Create attractive content that they can’t help but share and retweet.

Enhance customer experience

Allow your clients to do everything conveniently online, and they’ll keep coming back for more.
Use social media to give your customers direct and personal customer services.
Be available for them at all times with helpdesk support.

Get to really know your customers

Easily access in-depth customer data and vital information about their interests and activities with data analytics.
Measure responses and trends, and act fast.
Develop leads and nurture them

Compete with big names with digital marketing services for your small business

Compete with companies that have much more resources to spend than you. Using digital marketing services designed especially for your small business allows you to reach as many people as possible without breaking your budget. Ultimately, it’s much more affordable and effective than traditional marketing.
Target the right customers with data-powered analytics
Customize campaigns down to every detail
Easily track and monitor your campaigns

Digital marketing solutions for a digital world

The world’s changing – and fast. Let us connect the dots for you with our digital marketing solutions. We’ll help you reach your goals in the market, get your brand noticed by your audience online as well as search engines. Ultimately, you'll get online marketing services designed for a small business to easily compete in the digital world. 

Social Media

Be where your potential customers are. Know what they’re saying about you and your competitors to gain an edge. Choose from a large variety of digital media to grab their attention. 
The options are endless with social media, which is why it’s one of the most crucial online marketing services for a small business.
Reach a new customer base
Build stronger relationships with customers
Get better customer behavior insight
Provide better customer service
Get more leads
Drive more traffic to your website
Increase your followers


Stand out with an attractive, responsive, and mobile friendly website that makes your brand irresistible to both customers and search engines. Your website speaks for you and acts as a round-the-clock sales representative. Let it have something good to say. It’s the main channel between you and your customers’ potential purchase.
With our website services, you’ll get a website that makes potential customers able to reach you easier and faster – and they’ll stay on your page longer.
Build digital presence online
Attract more customers and reach new audiences
Provide more comprehensive information on your business
Build a full service, ecommerce website to drive sales automatically
Gather more customer information to build better campaigns
Get a stunning website

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