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A digital agency passionate about making your small business thrive

We’re here to help you work effortlessly, efficiently, and effectively by giving you a centralized platform to manage all of your digital marketing and cloud apps. Making small businesses grow is our passion.
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We want to make small businesses innovate

We’re a digital agency specializing in digital marketing and cloud computing, based in Westland, Michigan. We started Cloud Converters when we noticed that our favorite small businesses, from the local pizzeria to the barbershop across the street, weren’t getting the attention they deserved. This is because small businesses often lack the know-how and resources to utilize technology to aid their business growth.

We want to change that. So we give small firms like you a centralized platform to run their whole business intelligently and simply, and thus, use technology to grow their business. We make you get the visibility you deserve, grow your customer base and profit, all while greatly simplifying your operations.

You no longer have to worry about staying on top of tech trends and competing in the digital world, because we make it possible. We’ll give you all the tools you need to grow in the digital age and guide you every step of the way.

We help you work better, faster, and smarter

From one platform, you have access to the best digital solutions your small business needs to grow. Thus, we make your small business use technology to greatly improve its operations and increase profits, all while simplifying the work process.
our digital agency helps you automate processes

Automate business processes

Automate any important business processes, from emails, time tracking, and accounting, to project management. Say goodbye to mundane work and focus on innovating.
work smarter and make your small business grow

Work smarter

Integrate all of your business processes with easy-to-use cloud solutions designed to fit your small business needs. Basically, you can unite information, processes, and projects to get a 360-degree view of work. This way, you can work efficiently and manage your entire business from one dashboard.
get small business solutions that help you stay organized

Get noticed with digital marketing

Let the right audience know about your business from an all-in-one digital marketing platform. Grow your customer base, and make big gains while spending less. Rank higher on search engines and increase your social media followers to get the attention you deserve. Basically, you get a full digital marketing agency on one platform!
increase your brand awareness and make your small business grow

Get Organized

Know where your important files are. Track your time. Streamline projects and emails. Schedule meetings. Do all of this with simple cloud-based business applications designed to make your small business grow.
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We aim to make small businesses smart businesses and work wisely, effortlessly, and profitably.
our digital agency wants to make small businesses grow in michigan
the vision of our digital agency


One day, we hope to be part of a world where every small business is digitally empowered.

We contribute to aiding the small business community in Michigan and beyond

Small and medium businesses make up over 90% of US businesses and are responsible for 64% of new jobs created annually (Oberlo). Since small and medium businesses are the backbone of our economy, we want to help them grow to their full potential and continue contributing to society.

This is why we offer a variety of complementary services to small businesses, so they can thrive while minimizing financial pressure. We believe in every small business’s right to grow, and we want to make it happen as easily as possible.
automate your small business with technology

Complementary services for non-profit organizations

If you run a non-profit, it’s because you care about a cause, and we care about you. So we give you free services that put no pressure on you while helping you run your organization better and gain more visibility, so you can invest more in your cause.
work smarter and make your small business grow

Free assessments

We give small businesses free assessments because they deserve to know how to improve their business without struggling to do so. So we remove the financial burden and get them started right away.
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How can our digital agency make you grow?

We specialize in small and medium businesses

So we know how you think and what you need. You’ll get a partner who understands your business from the inside out and makes growth easier than ever before.

We’re glocal (global and local) minded

As a local digital agency, we have a local perspective yet offer tech solutions that allow you to compete on a global level. With the right technology, your small business can compete with big names.

We offer bite-sized services

Commitment issues? Not an issue. We can give you small one-time services without the big price tag. Get the specific services you need on the daily without committing to a whole plan.

We’re industry specific

Get industry-specific solutions in line with the best practices. Our team delivers unique industry perspectives, knowledge of your industry’s business issues, and business practices that help address your pressing challenges.

We’re a global team of business strategists

We’re a remote team spread across the globe. A team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, cloud architects, marketing specialists, and content developers.
But above all, we are business strategists. We work across different time zones purely on the cloud, so we know how to make it work for you. And, we all have one thing in common: our head is up in the cloud.

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